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The Summer Garden

Summer garden

Our garden has five areas: the spring garden that contains brassicas, peas and lettuce; the summer garden with squash, beans, corn and tomatoes; the perennial garden with herbs, asparagus, artichokes, and rhubarb; the berry garden with raspberries, blueberries and red currants.  Above and below are a few photos from the summer garden.

Corn and green beans

Above, corn and pole beans are growing together in the first two rows, followed by two rows of bush beans.  We should have plenty of beans for canning.  Tomatoes are climbing up a cattle panel fence.


Many different kinds of winter and summer squash were planted this year.  Some of the squash is blooming and we've already picked a zucchini.


In the herb garden, the borage is now in bloom.  Bees are loving the brilliant blue flowers.

Borage flowers with bees

Yesterday we pulled out a couple beds of lettuce that had bolted, which gave us space today to do some more planting. We figured if we were no longer going to eat it, no sense leaving it in the garden.  Instead, we replaced the flowering lettuce with more beets, broccoli, and two different types of lettuce.  Once the peas are done, we are planning to plant several rows of Brussels sprouts.