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5-Minute Video of Our Ducks

Ducks splashing in their pool

These ducks are so cute that it's worth sharing a video of them splashing and swimming in their little blue pool. Joining them are their two favorite hens, Simon and Garfunkel, who hang out with them every day and watch curiously from the sidelines. The duck's names are Big Duck, Cheese and Quackers.

We're not sure yet, but we think we might have accidentally gotten a male and female pair (the two gray ones, which are Khaki Cambell ducks).  The duck with the poof of feathers on it's head might be a male.  We had ordered all females, but sometimes this happens.  If we do have a male, no worries, we've decided it would be pretty awesome to let them nest on their eggs and see if we will have ducklings some day!