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Getting Ready to Paint the House

Painting the exterior of the house is the last major update needed by this vintage home. Other exterior work that we've already completed include replacing the roof and gutters along with nearly all of the windows.  We also had the chimneys repaired.

From the looks of the house, we are pretty sure the last time the exterior was painted was sometime in the early 1990s, just before the prior owners bought the house.  There are only two layers of paint under the existing drab gray.  It's earlier color was white with dark green trim.  We plan to paint the house yellow.  It will also have white trim around the windows and dark blue shutters.

My husband pressure washed the exterior as a first step.  He completed the entire lower half of the house one weekend.

Scraping the loose, peeling paint from the house and sanding to create an even surface is going to take some time.

We painted some of the yellow on one small area to see how it looked. I'm worried that once painted, the lines from where the paint was peeling will be visible.

To try to address the coverage issue, we thought we would try Zissner Bin Peel Stop, which is supposed to provide three times the coverage and is made for houses like ours that have this much peeling.

Now that we're prepared to get started painting, other activities have caused us to stop for a bit.  Hopefully we can get back to this project soon - I will post another update as to how the Peel Stop works and share more pictures once we get some paint on the house.  Our plan is to get the front and east side painted first.