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Bizarre Dandelion Found on Our Farm

My daughter picked a dandelion today.  When she was three years old, she gathered handfuls of the cheerful weed whenever we went outside.  Now that she's in her teens, it was a bit unusual for her to bring us a flower of this sort -- until we saw the flower.  What a strange dandelion!

It was growing in our field next to the horse pasture.  When I saw this flower, I remembered snapping a photo last spring of the horse pasture when there were a billion "wishes" growing in it. It was early morning and I was heading in to work.  All I wanted to do in that moment was run through the field and scatter the wishes into the air.  Instead, I got out of the car and went over to the fence to take this photo.

I'm thinking this dandelion is the result of five or more seeds growing in one spot, merging all their flower stems and producing a blended row of flowers.

Thought this odd flower was worth sharing!