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Daffodils by the Barn

A long row of daffodils have opened up alongside the barn.  My daughter and I walked down our long driveway to the road to get a better view today.

I cannot think of a more cheerful flower than daffodils.  Their sunny blooms herald the arrival of spring.  

Plum trees are also in full bloom right now.  As we walk, my daughter and I breathe deeply of the spring air heavy with the scent of flowers.

Patch the donkey greets us as we make our way past the barn.

A little further away, Mocha watches us for a while and then kicks at the fence.  She's annoyed that she can't get to us to say a proper "hello."

We circle back to our property and admire the beginnings of our garden.  My husband tilled it the other day and added a layer of compost.  I helped him put in a cattle panel tunnel.

My plan is to first grow peas over the cattle panel tunnel.  I'm hoping the pea pods will dangle on the underside of the tunnel for easy picking. I've already got peas started inside the house and they will be moved outside very soon.  Then, at the beginning of May, I'll plant squash at the base of the tunnel.  The squash will grow over tunnel at about the time the peas are fading away.  Finally, in the fall, I'll plant more peas there for one last late cool crop.