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Garden Cleanup and Nature Art Walk

The sun peeked out long enough that we decided to go outside and work in the yard.  We'd left the garden a mess at the end of the season last fall.  Today seemed like a good time to finally remove all the tomato cages and  wooden plant stakes, and stack them in the shop.  My husband then recruited my daughter to help get the tractor out. 

They used the bucket on the tractor to move a few things around.  Firewood mostly, and some fallen limbs.

Once done in the yard, it was time for some fun. We'd heard about a nearby park where nature and art converge in surprising ways.  Apparently a number of people have left objects there in artful ways.

Out in the woods, there is a clearing with gate oddly standing there in the middle of it. No fence runs alongside it.

It was a relaxing way to spend a winter afternoon.  We were fortunate to have a bit of sunshine and a week of mild weather in January.