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We Ended Up With a Rooster

It turns out that one of our "girls" isn't a girl at all. At first, when the young Black Australorp periodically began to emit a weak, pathetic crowing noise, we thought perhaps it was pretending.  Maybe, we thought, it was a wanna-be rooster (does that even happen?).  But, as time went on, the crowing grew more mature and we realized we no longer had a brood of hens.  Instead, what we now have is a mixed flock of hens and rooster.

Of course, the first question everyone asked us was whether we would keep him.  I do agree the rooster is a noisy bugger, and he also has a propensity for pecking and attacking us when we give any attention to the hens.  He's quite protective of the hens, having declared ownership of them all.

He's a beautiful bird, though, and quite a character to watch.

My daughter has named him Captain.  I'll admit he is becoming my favorite of the bunch.

So, Captain gets to stay.  I kind of like hearing a rooster crow throughout the day, it adds a certain charm to the bucolic setting of our little farm.