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Vegetable Garden Design Planner

I used a free garden planner from Mother Earth News to draw a layout of my vegetable garden. I was pleased with the results and found the free online tool super-easy to use.  Below is the diagram I made:

Click to see larger version

A friend came by the other day and commented that it looks like I'd put in a commercial garden.  We did kind of go overboard with it this year.  It's our first spring here at Vintage Home and Farm, and I guess the dream of fully living a farm lifestyle kind of inspired us.

Now that the garden has started to grow, there are a few things that I would have done differently.  I purchased bare-root berries and trees by mail order, and unfortunately some of them are still not growing after being in the ground several weeks.  I'll have to replace them, and this time around I'm not going to start with bare root.  A few of the vegetable seeds also didn't germinate (those are the gaps near the Kale), and so I'll have to consider what else I have to put there.

My goal is to take advantage of our harvest by freezing, canning, dehydrating, pickling, fermenting and storing as much of the abundance as I can (well, I'm hoping we'll be blessed with an abundance).  Of course, we'll be eating it fresh from the garden, too.  If we have an over-abundance, we'll share with neighbors and friends, and maybe we'll eventually be able to sell produce at the Saturday Market.  We also have eggs from our chickens.  Our 3 older hens are producing eggs every day; over the next couple of months our 6 younger hens should begin laying.  At that point, we'll have eggs to sell.

Crop rotation is another aspect that I need to look at, as the growing season here in northwest Washington is nearly year-around. In the fall, I may focus more on lettuce, kale and other leafy green vegetables.

In case you want to try it, here's a link to Mother Earth News Vegetable Garden Planner.


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