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Farm Projects for Spring and Summer 2018

Farm projects for this spring and summer are no longer just wish-list tasks written down on yellow lined paper. There's a visible reminder now of work to be done.  The material for the pole barn has been delivered and sits along the driveway, waiting for us to get started.  In the meantime, we decided to get the garden plot tilled and composted, so it can rest a couple months before it's time to plant.

Newbies that we are, we each had to take a turn tilling up the soil. This was, of course, after we spent about two hours trying to figure out how to get the tiller onto the tractor. 

Once the soil was tilled, we brought over several tractor buckets full of compost from the pile by the barn and tilled that in, too. The soil will now sit for several weeks at least, until it's time to get started sowing seeds.

Next we attached the auger and experimented with drilling holes.  A deer fence will need to go up around the garden.  The auger will be handy for that, as well as for planting trees.  An order of fruit trees will arrive here soon!

Wishing you a happy spring!